Sunday Worship: 11am & 6pm

at La Villiaze Church, St. Andrew, Guernsey

Welcome to La Villiaze Church, Guernsey.

We are a small but friendly group of people of all ages and a variety of backgrounds who are united by our faith in and love for Jesus Christ. Our priorities are to worship God, to look after one another and to let others know about Jesus. We believe that the Bible’s message of peace with God through Jesus Christ is the best news in the world and is for everyone, everywhere. Whatever your background, whatever your story, you will be made very welcome.

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Good News for Guernsey

Here is love vast as the ocean

5 Apr 2019 | Christian Faith

When you think of love, your mind probably doesn’t turn to an ancient place of execution. But the cross of…

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Fog! – “Y a d’la breune”

13 Dec 2018 | Island life

Fog at La Villiaze is one thing sure to get people talking! Of course it’s not that we have “special…

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One Way

12 Dec 2018 | Christian Faith

Anybody claiming exclusive possession of the truth, particularly in spiritual matters, these days is generally considered to be arrogant. A…

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