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One Way

12 Dec 2018

One Way

Anybody claiming exclusive possession of the truth, particularly in spiritual matters, these days is generally considered to be arrogant. A common theme in our modern times is that there are many ways to God or to Heaven. The problem is: what to do about Jesus?

Jesus very boldly stated “no man cometh unto the Father, but by me”. Not satisfied with stating that there is only one way to God but claiming that he is the one way. Should we simply dismiss him as a self-seeking megalomaniac? Such a frank and direct comment should at least be examined before being dismissed. Underlying his claim is the Biblical teaching that no human is good enough to get to Heaven. All humans, it teaches, are thoroughly corrupt. Not that all humans are as bad as they could possibly be (and we are thankful for that) but that the natural human inclination is to oppose God. We only have to open our newspapers or switch on the television to get a hint of the depths to which human actions can sink. Also, any parent reading this will acknowledge that the one thing they did not have to teach their child was how to be naughty, it just came naturally.

This opposition to God the Bible calls sin and clearly confirms that all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. The unique claim of Jesus is based on the fact that only he has done anything about our sin. He alone stood in the place of others, bearing their sin and being punished instead of them. People saw him crucified, crying out ‘It is finished!’ Many of them saw him days later risen from the dead telling them to preach the good news of the forgiveness of sins through his shed blood.

It is possible that you have never before considered that the death of Jesus had anything to do with you. Some people argue about whether it was the Jews or the Romans who put Jesus to death. The fact is, it was the sins of ordinary people throughout the world that nailed Jesus to the cross. Those who put their faith in him and his work reap the benefits of that work. Those who trust in themselves or in another remain in their sin and will bear the punishment themselves.

Surely with so much at stake it is worth being sure before dismissing these unique claims out of hand. If you would like to consider this matter further, then one of our Christianity Explored courses would be an ideal forum to do so, or we would happy meet for a coffee and chat, or we could read some of the Bible together one to one. Do get in touch.

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