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Fog! – “Y a d’la breune”

13 Dec 2018

Fog! – “Y a d’la breune”

Fog at La Villiaze is one thing sure to get people talking! Of course it’s not that we have “special fog” at La Villiaze but being around the highest part of the island it’s often the thickest. We all know what that means: a fog-bound airport and disruption to flights – one of our precious “lifelines”. No doubt, like us, at some point you will have been left frustrated in Departures or stranded in the UK. Being near the airport we can often tell if it’s foggy before we even get out of bed. It’s all quiet outside. Too quiet. No planes.

Why is fog so disruptive?
Fog stops you from being able to see. It enshrouds everything around, obscuring the landscape. With the reduced visibility, planes can’t land. We can be thankful that our safety is paramount and pilots don’t take risks with our lives. Local sailors are also deeply grateful for and rely on the island’s fog horns. Driving in fog can be disconcerting, muffling sounds and leaving us to guess at murky shapes which don’t make sense. It’s easy to get lost or disorientated in fog. When it lifts, everything becomes clear and defined again, easily recognised for what it is.

As you journey through this life, have you ever felt like you are living in a fog? That you can’t see clearly? That some things just don’t make sense? You know there must be an answer but you can’t see it from the position you find yourself in. Being in a “life fog” or going through a “foggy patch” can be even more frustrating than fog at the airport! It’s often the big questions we ask which leave us groping around. Who am I? Why am I here? Where did I come from? Where am I going? Why do bad things happen to me?

The good news is there is “equipment” to enable you to see in “life’s fog”. A guide is available to lead us safely to our destination. God who made us always sees the big picture, He always sees clearly.
The mist came down when our first parents Adam and Eve turned their backs on God. They set their own course for life, a direction in which we have all followed. We prefer independence and self autonomy over being in a relationship of dependence and love with God. This has drastically affected our “vision”. Now we don’t “see” life clearly. We grope around, sensing there is something more and bigger out there, but, in the fog, we don’t know where or how to find it.

We live in a two dimensional world. All we see are our immediate surroundings. We are “lost in fog”. The Bible, God’s Word to us, even describes our poor vision as blindness. We are blind to God. We live as if He didn’t exist. We can’t see where we came from and we can’t see where we’re going. We are left lost and confused yet hoping for more. Sound familiar? As with natural fog, it is dangerous to travel when you can’t see where you are going.

Reading or hearing the Bible explained brings clarity and light. It’s the story of God sending Jesus into the world on a rescue mission. He sees us in the fog and has come to find and save us. He is the light of the world able to guide us. As we turn from our own efforts to find our way and trust him to save us, we find out who we are, what we were made for and where we are going. Every Christian started life in fog and came to see clearly when Jesus’ truth and light lifted the fog. Being able to see clearly brings safety, peace and joy.

Are you feeling “fog-bound”? We would encourage you to start to read the Bible, maybe John’s Gospel in the New Testament to begin to discover the light Jesus shines into the world. We would be happy to help you on your journey. In a very relaxed, no pressure way we would willingly meet with you to simply read the Bible together one-to-one, or, you can contact us to ask any questions. We also run Christianity Explored courses as an introduction to the Christian faith.

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