Sunday Worship: 11am & 6pm

at La Villiaze Church, St. Andrew, Guernsey

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What to expect


We have a car park on our premises. The entrance is on La Villiaze Lane. Follow the drive around the Church building to reach the car park.

Head through the double door at the front of the church. There you will be welcomed (usually by Peter) and given a hymn book to use during the service. You are free to sit anywhere you like. Bibles are available for you to use at the end of each pew.

We are a group of people living in Guernsey of all ages, stages and circumstances. Come as you are and you will be given a warm welcome.

What happens

Our services generally last just over an hour. They follow a traditional format which includes singing hymns, prayer, reading the Bible and a sermon. We usually stand up to sing and remain seated for everything else. There is no obligation to join in with the singing if you are not familiar with what’s being sung and you won’t be asked to pray out loud, come forward, or introduce yourself to everyone. Our services are usually led by our Pastor, Tim Berry. The sermon is the focal point of the service, lasting approximately 35 minutes.

As part of the service (during the second hymn) a bag is passed round for donations. However, we believe the Church should be able to support itself, and there is no obligation for visitors to give. The proceeds are used for the work of the church locally and for overseas Christian work.

On the second Sunday of each month after the evening service, and on the fourth Sunday before the morning service (10.30 to 10.50am) we hold a Communion service where we remember the death of Jesus Christ with bread and wine. All visitors are welcome to join us, although we ask that only those with a personal faith in Jesus Christ and who belong to a Christian Church take the bread and wine.


We welcome the whole family at our services. If your child is not used to sitting for long periods or needs to be taken out for any reason, there is a separate room available where the service can be heard through a speaker. During the morning service there is a Sunday School that takes place for young children which visitors are free to join. Please ask one of us about it.


After the service we chat informally (in the morning usually over tea and coffee). You are welcome to stay and get to know us better or ask any questions you may have. From time to time we organize “Bring and Share” lunches or suppers. If your visit coincides with one of these you would be very welcome to join us.


Due to the age of the building, wheelchair access is not ideal. Most of the doors have a small lip, which previous wheelchair users have been able to overcome. Due to the main meeting room having fixed pews, wheelchair users would need to sit in an area at the back. At present there are no disabled toilets.

Male and female toilets can be found by entering the side door from the car park. Go through the study and they are on the left.

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