Sunday Worship: 11am & 6pm

at La Villiaze Church, St. Andrew, Guernsey

What we believe

We are Christians who meet to worship God together in Guernsey. We are people of different ages and from different backgrounds who are united by our faith in Jesus Christ.

God is the great, powerful, absolutely pure maker of the universe. We believe the Bible is God’s message to everyone, everywhere, in every generation – telling of his love for us.

Through the Bible’s teaching, we have realised that we are all guilty when tested against God’s standards. We know that we can do nothing to cover our guilt and make ourselves good enough for God. We deserve to be punished by him.

But we also believe the Bible’s great message: God loves us so much that he has made a way for us to become pure, like him, and to be a part of his heavenly family. He sent his only son Jesus Christ to take the punishment that we deserve by dying in our place. We know the punishment is finished, because Jesus was raised to life again. As we trust in Jesus, our guilt is taken away completely and we begin a new life with God as our loving Father.

We are now looking forward to heaven – the never-ending, perfectly happy life-after-death which God has promised to all who trust in Jesus. We also enjoy God’s constant friendship and help now. He gives us strength and confidence to keep going through the difficulties we all face.

This all means so much to us that we want to share the good news with others.

God loves you and wants you to enjoy friendship with him – whatever your background and story. We would love you to come along to our meetings to find out more about what God has done to make this happen.

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